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[personal profile] seventhe playing FFIV has made me want to replay it, too; however, due to my youngest sister losing my game, I no longer own a copy of the new DS remake, but I did bring with me overseas my copy of the Advance version, which is definitely my favorite version because of the extra things they added at the end (which we will GUSH ABOUT IN DETAIL later). I also had a game already saved in the Tower of Babel, first time through.

(In a somewhat unrelated note, at the time of this write-up I am ready to face Zemus with a little more leveling up in the preceding dungeon, and I am only 15 hours into the game. WAS THIS GAME ALWAYS SO FAST OR AM I MAKING RECORD TIME?!)

Without further ado, let's begin with the META META META!

Lookit those fancy-ass graphics...

MEEEETAAAAAA~~ that's the sound of my computer sighing in exhaustion after this )


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